EARplus once again achieves new heights in terms of quality of the services and products it offers its customers by introducing the laser technology in the creation of customers’ hearing aids shells and earmoulds.

EARplus customers will enjoy the excellent fit that laser technology offers based on the highest standards of hearing aids manufacturers. The traditional and now outdated, by global standards, manual way of creating hearing aids and earmoulds is in the past.

The new and most advanced way of manufacturing is done in three stages:


The ear impression is scanned by the ear impression scanner and converted to a 3D model which can be manipulated digitally.



Our specially trained technicians edit the 3D model of the ear impression on a computer and create the final form of the hearing aid or earmould with absolute precision resulting in the minimum possible dimensions that can only be achieved through this technology.


Laser printing:

In the final stage the laser printer builds the final design with absolute precision.


The new advanced technology offers excellent fit of the hearing aids or earmoulds in the ear.

It makes it possible to build smaller, invisible in the ear hearing aids. It offers specialists design capabilities not achievable with the traditional means.

The laser technology has transformed the hearing aids industry worldwide. We are proud to be the only company in Greece to be in possession of such laser equipment and able to offer this technology to its customers.

We would be pleased to meet you and discuss with you the advantages of the laser printing method as well as demonstrate the superior quality of the resulting products.

Schedule an appointment today with a hearing aid specialist in one of the EARplus stores.