Hearing aid upgrade

Do you want to upgrade your hearing aids? This is the most suitable moment to do so, since the developments in digital technology have brought hearing aids to a whole new level. They offer much more and are way smaller than they were a few years ago. They automatically adjust to every environment and their sound is as natural as ever.

Latest technology hearing aids have the following characteristics:

  • Automatic feedback cancellation:
    Hearing aids cancel the annoying whistle that is often observed in older hearing aids.
  • Datalogging:
    They provide an electronic record of the use of the hearing aids. This record helps the  audiologist adjust your hearing aids  so that they match your way of life better.
  • Digital noise reduction
    Eliminates the inconvenience and discomfort of background noise as well as loud or abrupt noises especially when trying to listen in a noisy environment.
  • Directional microphones
    Enable you to concentrate on the sounds and speech you want to hear in front of you by reducing sounds around you. This makes it easier to understand conversations in noisy places.
  • Spectrum Widening
  • Minimizes annoying and unwanted very soft sounds (such as fans).
  • Automatic Programs
    The hearing aid automatically Recognizes the surrounding sound and environtment you are in  and automatically selects the program with the appropriate settings so you can hear better and easier.
  • Data-Learning
    Allows the user to "train" their hearing aids according to the level they mostly prefer as well as the environment that they are most often.
  • Multiple channels of compression:
    Helps restore all levels of speech, soft speech sounds and whispers to loud shouts without the unwanted distortion.
  • Multiple programs:
    It enables the programming of hearing aids for different situations such as crowds, conversations, TV, telephone, etc.
  • Remote control
    It allows you to quickly and easily adjust the volume and/or program of your hearing aids without touching it or removing it.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
    Allows your hearing aids to connect wirelessly to mobile phones, televisions, mp3 players, computers and any other device bearing the Bluetooth technology.
  • Wireless Pairing
    For those who wear  two hearing aids, this feature ensures that the hearing aids work and respond as one.

Our audiologists at Earplus is on hand to explain these features and help you choose the right combination of features to suit your needs.