Useful Tips

For hearing aid users

  • Wear your hearing aid for as long as your doctor or audiologist has advised you to.
  • Keep the batteries in a shady place.
  • Avoid getting your hearing aids wet, and in case this happens go to your audiologist immediately.
  • Inform your audiologist if something does not feel right or causes you discomfort by the use of the hearing aids.
  • Make sure you disinfect your hearing aid with special cleaning products.

In case it does not work

  • Check if the battery is new and properly installed.
  • If the hearing aid is behind the ear check whether the tube is blocked by wax or has drops of humidity.
  • If the hearing aid is in the ear try to change the wax-filter and make sure that the small port on the side of the battery case (microphone) is not blocked.
  • If the problem persists visit your audiologist immediately.

For hard of hearing relatives / friends

  • If they cannot hear you, do not scream at them but rather speak up and speak slowly.
  • Keep your voice calm and patient.
  • Try to talk when he can see you in order to understand you better.
  • Do not insult them if they cannot hear you but emphasize that they need to have their hearing checked.  Arrange an appointment with an ENT doctor or visit us for more information.

If they wear hearing aids

  • In the case that they wear hearing aids try talking in front of them so that he can see you.
  • You do not have to speak loudly, but calmly and slowly.
  • If they do not understand you as they did before, it could be that the hearing aid is blocked or has run out of battery.
  • Remind them that their hearing aids require regular cleaning and periodic checks to maintain their longevity.
  • If you have noticed that something is bothering them please inform their audiologist.