A new success model for hearing aid professionals!

EARplus Franchise

It all started with you!

It all started with people like you, the hearing aid professionals who seek a company that knows and understands every aspect of the hearing aid industry.

We realized the need in the industry: a company structured in a way that best serves the needs of hearing aid professionals but more importantly the ever-increasing needs of our customers.

A company that provides solutions that fully covers today's professionals. We have created a company that is tailored to the needs of all hearing aid professionals and at the same time can cater for each professional's uniqueness and distinct requirements.In a time of rapid changes, EARplus supports the development of your businesss. The first complete Franchise in the hearing aid industry provides you with the tools to operate with higher quality, efficiency and profitability.

As part of the EARplus Franchise network

  • You remain the owners of your store and responsible for your customers.
  • Gain the support and infrastructure to evolve your business.
  • You separate your business from the competition through the national franchise network of EARplus

EARplus works hard to turn hearing to pleasure…

What will EARplus do for my business?

1. Area

There is a specific way of choosing the location of our stores, not exclusively geographically. We take consider of many information such as population, competition, hospitals, doctors, etc.

2. Marketing

Our marketing department can assist you in several ways in order to promote your business with ease and efficiency.

  • Offers: Thanks to our large annual turnover we are able to provide offer products in very low prices.
  • New customers: Promotion campaigns attract new customers.
  • Current customers: Advertising ensures a good reputation and dedicated customers/patients who feel security through a large chain of stores.

The power of EARplus' network can achieve advertising in national TV and in newspapers and magazines with nationwide circulation.

3. Product

Our cooperation with established and leading companies in the field is our priority. You receive the best available product at competitive prices. We do not represent a single manufacturer and therefore we offer a large variety of products and technologies that fit the needs of each customer.

4. Training

It is the core of your differentiation. We give great emphasis to training through regular newsletters, annual seminars and workshops, all tailored to your level of experience and demands.

5. National call center

The national call center of EARplus answers all the national calls and routes them to the appropriate store. It is manned by staff experienced in the field of hearing aids, making the first contact for your new and existing customers a very professional experience.

6. Model store

The professional design of your store, in harmony with all the EARplus member stores guarantees you instant recognition and helps win your customers' trust.

7. Technical department

You may now have high quality manufacturing and a reliable service department for the best hearing aids of all brands.

The laser equipped technical department of EARplus guarantees:

  • Manufacturing quality for your products
  • Proper fitting of the hearing aids
  • Solutions for problems that until now couldn't be treated.

8. Computerization

An integrated system that gives you full picture of multiple elements of your business, such as stock control, appointments, income, expenses, profit and even individual cases with bonus cards, all accessible online wherever you are.

Programming through Noah, receipts, invoices, offers and several other capabilities that make it the ultimate tool for every business.

9. Additional products

You may fully cover your customers' needs, gaining an advantage over your competitors and bringing additional revenues to your business.


It’s your wish for something different and pioneering. For those who desire the best for their company, client and their provided service. This passion connects you to EARplus. We are one of you sharing the same passion and through the franchise network of EARplus we benefit our companies and all the health care profession.