Hearing Protection



Proactive hearing protection

Noise protected yet fully aware

EARplus has strategically collaborated with Dynamic Ear Company to offer the Greek market innovative and pioneer products that not only offer advanced hearing protection but also provide with an enhanced situational awareness that often can make a difference in life threatening situations. Ambient Hearing Protection addresses the problem of muffled sound perception and reduced situational awareness caused by resistive filters and foam plugs.

It offers a wide range of situationally specific sound damping solutions that helps users retain full situational and spatial awareness, by applying the following:

  • Patented mesh
  • Membrane technology
  • Large inlet aperture.
  • High frequency catcher technology


EAR plus offers a wide range of acoustic passive filter solutions for various applications suitable for both universal fit and custom moulded protection by laser technology in our laboratory. Including:


  • High attenuating mid and high frequency for industrial applications
  • Flat attenuating for musicians and industry
  • Impulse filters for shooting
  • Balanced armature in-ear monitors

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