Your quality of life


The Company

EARplus was founded in 2011 by an experienced group of professionals in the hearing aid field, with the purpose of offering higher quality of services. Specialists in the field of audiology and their counterparts in technical support combined to create the most modern network in the country. At EARplus the specialized audiologist has the knowledge, experience and continuous training necessary to help you achieve the quality that you desire in your communication.

Your quality of life matters


The Team

EARplus consists of hearing aid professionals that are tightly bound with the future of the field. We cater exclusively to our customers’ needs in the effort to lead them to success. Our company didn’t evolve abroad and enter the Greek market as a simple clone. It was created based entirely on your needs.

Hearing Aids

EARplus once again achieves new heights in terms of quality of the services and products it offers its customers by owning the only laboratory in Greece which uses laser technology to create customers’ hearing aids shells and earmoulds. The company’s technical department has advanced equipment and specialized graduate technicians who continuously train in using the latest technologies in order to offer you responsible and immediate support for all brands of hearing aids.

Operation model

EARplus covers the entire country. Our aim is make the name “EARplus” synonym for consistency, reliability and quality. Caring for our customers’ needs is our main focus which together with the merits of our advanced technology, bring the desired results and the quality of life everyone one deserves.

There are four basic pivot points in the operation model of EARplus.

The patient in the center. We focus on the needs of each patient separately and satisfy his/her hearing needs.

Working protocols: Our methods are based on international studies that have proven their effectiveness.

Quality production: : EARplus’ technical department is the only one on the country that has laser technology.

Quality control. Each product offered by EARplus has been carefully tested in order to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.


The country-wide network of our fully equipped stores, guarantees you fast and quality services in a modern, pleasant and easily accessible environment. Our network is constantly growing as more and more professionals in the feld acknowledge the support and consistency in quality that EARplus has to ofer.

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