EARplus Care


1250 – 1900 euro

EARplus Care Advanced offers you everything you need to have in order to maintain the control over your hearing:

• Check-up and adjustments of your hearing aids’ settings.
• Service and cleaning of your hearing aids plus replacement of battery.
• Check-up of your hearing aids’ performance in order to make sure that they still meet your needs.

Technical check – 5 spots


You can regularly make an appointment for a technical check of 5 spots for proper maintenance and prolongation of your hearing aids’ performance.

1. Cleaning and checking of receiver
2. Check of tubing and of batteries.
3. Cleaning of the outer shell and microphone entry.
4. Filter check and replacement.
5. Dehumidification and performance of the hearing aid.


Kit of cleaning and maintenance products

You will receive a set of cleaning products that will help you maintain the maximum performance of your hearing aids.


Two years guarantee

All hearing aids come with a two year guarantee that will secure your loss in case of mal function.


Hearing Aid Replacement

In case you encounter any technical problems with your hearing aid and it is imperative that it needs a repair, then we are offering you a free hearing aid replacement for as long as your device is being repaired.


2 year - batteries

With every hearing aid purchase, you will receive batteries that will last you for two years.


50% Discount for assistive devices

You will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of any assistive device or connection accessory for hearing aids, including amplified phones, amplified mobile phones and tv amplifiers.


Upgrade trial

Try our EARplus – Upgrade program that lets you test the differences between different technologies for free.


Recommend us to a friend

As a satisfied customer, recommending us to a friend may earn you as much as 50euros in discount coupons for every recommendation.

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